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    Summary of Basic Terms & Conditions

    1) Licence Agreements

        Licence Agreements are generally for 12 months.

    2) Licence Fees

        Licence Fees are due on the first of each month payable in advance. We require one month's deposit on the day of signing the agreement, refundable on termination.

    Licence Fees are all-inclusive and range from £50 pcm for a carousel or a cabinet, to £75 pcm for a dresser, £100-500 pcm for floor space. Rates are available upon request. We accept payment by standing order, cash or cheque.

    3) Time

        Each dealer is required to spend some time in the shop serving customers. The time depends on the size of the space rented, as an indication the standard time is 1/2 day per week and 1 weekend day in four.

    4) Commission

        We do not charge commission on cash/cheques taken on your behalf, except for credit card transactions where we deduct 6%.

        5) Payment of Sales

        Payment for goods sold by credit card is made by cheque every two weeks, on a Friday, these can be sent to the home address of the trader or collected from the shop. An itemised statement is sent with the cheque.

    Cash and cheques from cash/cheque sales can be collected from the shop.

    6) Insurance

        Dealers are advised to insure their stock as our insurance policy only covers the building.





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